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State-of-the-art simulation for better particle accelerators

Accelerators are a vital part of the DOE-supported infrastructure of discovery science. Learn how we get the most out of them by using advanced computer techniques to optimize performance, ensure cost-effectiveness, and explore new ideas.

Computers have revolutionized not only our day-to-day lives, but the ways in which things of all kinds are designed. Through simulation and modeling, we can maximize performance, look for hidden trouble spots, and even find new ideas. For particle accelerators — among the most complex and in some cases among the largest high-tech items ever built — these tools have become indispensable.

In LBNL’s Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division, simulation efforts are coalescing, interacting, and finding synergies through the Beam, Plasma & Accelerator Simulation Toolkit (BLAST) Program. These efforts involve deep collaboration among physicists, applied mathematicians, and computer scientists. The results benefit a wide variety of fields extending across much of the DOE Office of Science research portfolio and beyond.     More…